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Are you the owner of an awesome blog or website, we want to send visitors and traffic to blog owners like you.

To help you understand what we are looking for in a blog or website, we will be sharing some of the things we look for when choosing blogs to feature, and hope this helps you when deciding which blog(s) to submit to us.

How to Be Featured on

There are some things we look for when curating content on well-written content with an interesting title that is unique, and helpful.

Blog posts with an intriguing and interesting title do better than other articles online. Having a great title is very important to catch the attention of our editors.

An interesting title is also important when trying to catch the eye of our readers online. Being featured on AllTopBusiness is great, but if your title is not interesting, chances are that our audience might skip over your content as well.

How to Submit a Blog For Consideration on

If you would like to submit a blog you love or submit one of your articles to be published on our blog page, kindly send an email to ipbdigitalnet [at] Gmail [dot] com and one of our editors will get back to you soon.

A simple request from ATB Editors

Adding a website and publishing a blog post, on average, takes us time since we are occupied with other aspects of managing the website.

Please only submit websites and blog posts that are great, with active resources, and are expected to be around for a long time. We want our blog pages and other similar pages to be super valuable for end-users.